As a small but growing network of schools with a supportive and collaborative culture, we have been developing our centralised services over time and continue to do so.  


Schools within the Trust benefits from:

  • Finance systems and support. We have recently implemented a new, cloud-based, finance system giving schools an ability to manage their finances daily inline with their budgets. Support is provided through an experienced network within the team and we work together to ensure each school is well-supported.
  • Audit Function. Both the external and internal audit functions are provided by the Trust ensuring that systems and protocols are compliant and effective. 
  • Management Information Systems. All schools within the Trust use Scholar Pack. Having a consistent MIS means we can share best-practice and centralise reporting. 
  • Office365 - We have centralised the hosting of Office 365 and its licensing to ensure that schools are getting the best deal possible and creating and efficient system for the management of online systems. 

We are currently working on centralising some key contracts within the Trust to provide easier and centralise oversight/management and to provide efficiencies and savings for the academies. 

If you have any questions about centralisation of services, please contact C.Steele.