We are stepping into the weekend full of smiles (as ever!) at Fairfield...

Our Nursery friends had a very informative session, linked to their text 'Aliens Love Underpants', where they watched and reflected on the NSPCC's video 'Talk Pants' which helps them understand their bodies belong to them. This links to our safeguarding curriculum in school. Meanwhile, in Reception, the children have enjoyed their topic of 'Chinese New Year' and made fabulous dragons to perform with in their Dance lesson.

In Key Stage 1, our Year 1 children have produced fabulous pieces of artwork (in the style of Van Gogh's Starry Night) depicting nocturnal animals. This afternoon, Year 1 had their first football skill session, led by a specialist coach- they have mastered dribbling! It's been active in Year 2 too with children extending their knowledge of statistics through an active, outdoor lesson where they discussed values, totals, tally charts and finding the difference. 

In Key Stage 2, Year 3 have been studying the human skeleton and combining prior knowledge with new knowledge in relation to the bones of the body. There's been active, outdoor Maths in Year 4 too, with games to consolidate fraction knowledge. Pupils have also designed lighthouses as part of their D&T project this half-term. In Year 5, Oreos made an appearance as the children worked collaboratively to create their own representations of the phases of the moon... some moons may have been eaten afterwards! Finally, our Year 6 children have produced outstanding written work based on their Shakespearean study of Macbeth and have created fantastic work in their sketch books, based on their Artistic Topic of study, Pop Art! 

Yesterday, Year 5 and 6 children had a very informative, Aspiration Day, listening to industry experts explain different careers.

Next week, we look forward to celebrating National Storytelling Week, Number Day and we have a number of special trips/visits for different year groups planned.